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The rundown

Each website and business I deal with is different, so it is hard to give accurate costs for work. However, the table on the right should give you a rough idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that these are reduced when services are combined (e.g. logo design with business cards and a website).

If you want to get an accurate cost or just discuss your needs, please get in touch with me using the information on my Contact page

What's important

Your happiness is important. I don't hide costs, if you need something I'll tell you about it and it will always be included.

Price guides

Item Price
Single holding page with one years hosting and domain £250
5-page CMS website including photo gallery, with one years hosting and domain £800
10-page website including online shop, stock control and payment system, with one years hosting and domain £2500
Logo development £180
Design business cards/letterheads/invoices £250 ea.
Single-sided A5 leaflet design £100

"I've seen it cheaper!"

Being a freelancer, my pricing is very competitive for bespoke web and graphic design. That being said, there are other ways of getting a website, some of them are even free! However, templating and free website builders usually generate broken websites that look unprofessional and can't be indexed properly using Google. They often have hidden costs (i.e. not including webhosting and domain costs).

My sites are hand-coded allowing me to optimise for search engines, fast loading speeds and reliable display. If you really feel like taking the plunge and setting up your own website, give me a call and I can give you some advice and help you along the way.

My clients are always happy, I know that's what will keep them coming back!